6 Tips to Guide You to Buy Best e-Cigarettes

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If you have planned to quit smoking then you must be taking help of an e-cigarette in this endeavour of yours. But before selecting one you should consider certain important aspects of an e-cigarette. Here are few of the points that you should consider before buying an e-cigarette.

  • Flavour

Flavours play a great role in tickling your taste buds and hence making you enjoy the moment. The same thing goes on with an e-cigarette. Varieties of e-cigarettes are available that will help you to divert your original taste of tobacco and try new and better things.

  • Battery quality

The e-cigarette battery is the support of the e-cigarette. You should try to make sure that battery of your e-cigarette is powerful enough to work throughout the day of smoking which comes at least 300 puffs. It is also essential to make sure that the battery of e-cigarette is durable as you will be using it numbers of times in a day and you will not always get a charging point to charge it when it gets discharged.

  • Ease of use

e-cigarettes were first introduced with a 3 piece design which was very difficult to use and refill. Moreover it also contains a reusable atomizer that often clogs and reduces the performance. Today the industry offers a 2-piece design that makes replacing the e-cigarette cartridge very smoothly as the cartridge is manufactured with pre-filled smoking liquid. It also incorporates a fresh atomizer in every replacement that ensures a fresh experience with each puff.

  • Cartomizer life

Life of cartomizer plays a significant role in defining the life and quality of an e-cigarette. Imagine how much troublesome it will be to change the cartomizer after every 50 use. Moreover, it becomes expensive also. Hence, always buy a good quality e-cigarette whose cartomizer life will be more than 350 puffs per cartomizer.

  • USB cigarette

It might be possible that you forgot to carry your e-cigarette charger with yourself and in your office, now you are facing problems. In order to avoid all these problems it is better to buy an e-cigarette that supports USB charging. Hence even if you forgot to carry your charger it will not create a big problem for you.

  • High smoke volume

High smoke volume means high amount of smoke in each puff. Many smokers like the way puff goes in the sky and with ordinary e-cigarette they are not getting this pleasure. If you are also in this category then you should buy a cigarette with high smoke volume. You can read the reviews and consult people who have already used such products to take better decision.